Law Office Belgrade - Serbia
About Serbia

Serbia is a unique logistic and economic center of the Southeast Europe, located as a gate between EU and the Europe...

It is a growing and the biggest market in the region, with more than 8 million people...

Hotspot for foreign investors, greenfield and real estate investments...

Liberal laws, with competitive legal and tax advantages...

The lowest profit tax in Europe, offering special perks for exports to the Russian Federation...

Serbia signed Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) with EU on its path to full EU membership.

Executive Board President of one foreign company said for Serbia: It is just like home. We also aim to make you feel in Serbia just like at home...

About Law Office

The governing principle of our Law firm are: individual approach to each client, highly comprehensive legal aid at any stage of establishing and development of your business in Serbia...

We are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive legal aid, combined with our knowledge, confidentiality and reliability...

We provide legal expertise in all areas of commercial & company law...

We understand the needs of sophisticated foreign clients and are capable of managing complex transactions...

The members of our team speak English, German and Serbian languages.
We operate from our own privately-owned space in the center of the city.

Principal legal activities

. sales & mergers
. arbitration
. bankruptcy law
. business law
. contract law
. acquisitions
. franchise law
. insurance law
. intellectual property (IP)
. IT services
. Computer and Software
. Insolvency
. Debt Relief
. Debtor and Creditor
. Landlord and Tenant Law
. real estate and greenfield
. debt collection
. international trade law
. joint ventures
. labour law
. court litigation
. services and capital transactions
. corporate law
. real estate law
. stock exchange law
. tax law
. registration: off shore (tax free)
  companies . Administrative Law
. Banking and Finance
. Competition Law
. Construction Law
. Consumer Law
. Copyright


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